Who We Are

Why Women?

More than 70% of all food consumed in households is produced, processed and put on the table by women. The African woman is more than the female with the headscarf. She is a multiplier and incredibly inventive, “Her poverty is not a poverty of economies but a poverty of opportunities” says one of the Directors. If given opportunities for economic inclusion, trade, market linkages and agritechnological advancement, women will transform Africa.
Africa Women Agribusiness Network is a non-profit, business member organization that promotes women’s small, medium and large enterprises. The Network was established in 2003 and envisions African women in agribusinesses becoming key players in global trade. AWAN’s secretariat is based in Nairobi, Kenya and has chapters in the Eastern Africa Countries. The organization also has presence in Western, Central and Southern Africa.
Why Network?

The African Women Agribusiness Network (AWAN) recognizes that Agriculture and women agribusiness is an imperative agenda for sustainable development in Africa. Leveraging on AWAN’s presence and experience in women in Agribusiness, CTA, is supporting the establishment of the 1ST Agribusiness intelligence Network in Africa. This network will facilitate building of strong business connections, with a digital database and E-hub repository that will provide access to information on trade, market linkages and spur innovations in Agri-tech through competitive grant schemes.

Our Vision

African women in agribusinesses transformed into key players in global trade.

Our Mission

To provide women owned agribusinesses a platform that facilitates access to markets, trade information, blended and inclusive financing, innovative technology and opportunity to share what works

Our Statement

Seen as an engine for growth by governments and international development agencies, agribusiness and its related industries are receiving increased attention in policies and strategies that aim to promote investments in agro-enterprises and agro-based value chain development.

Our Value Proposition

Knowledge and targeted advocacy

In response to the challenges in the development of agribusiness, AWAN uses knowledge and targeted advocacy to address a deeper understanding of the factors that provide a conducive business environment.
Data collection, analysis and experiences

AWAN is moving toward innovative technologies in data collection, analysis and experiences in order to understand the changes in trends and realities of existing and new markets and challenges in the value chains.
Based on that information we provide support to our members by advising on policies and strategies to improve competitiveness and food value chain performance